"My dad was in the hospital with complications due to his diabetes. I couldn't find shoes to fit him anywhere. I was recommended by his foot specialist to go to Star Shoes. The knowledgeable staff showed me the Propet Cush N' Foot slipper. It fit his hammertoes and swelling perfectly."


"My 85 year old mom has dementia and refuses to wear shoes. The staff at Star Shoes were amazing and not only helped her find one, but three pairs of shoes. I never have to worry about my mom's safety anymore, because I know she has proper fitting shoes with sturdy soles."


"I'm a fifty-five year old lady who has to wear orthotics due to plantar fasciitis. Trying to find something that's comfortable and looks half decent seemed like it would be impossible. I went to Star, and found a super cute pair of Volks Walker shoes that felt as though I were walking on a cloud. Couldn't be happier with my experience there."